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Receive the 30-minute relaxation music track Spacious Soaring, a 7-hour extended-play mix Awakening Intuition, and a free Musical SubliminalTM Soaring Success …all free while it is still available!!

100% original (composed and produced by me, Andy Golay).

Royalty-free for you (except the Soaring Success Musical Subliminal, which has my voice on it).

What does “royalty-free” mean?

You can use this music for commercial purposes as long as you credit me as the composer & producer and you overlay a voice (i.e. a guided meditation) and do not simply distribute my music “as is” or with tones added.

If you do sell a track that samples my music or uses it as background, please link to https://HealingMusic.Club or the specific audio you used, from the download page or a page you link to from your download page.

Thank you; I appreciate that. 🙂

Whether you are tapping into the wealth of audio resources at HMC for professional or personal use, please feel free to drop me a line by replying to any email I send you.

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